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Tides of change

Things are coming full circle from my life-saving surgery in Houston as I've accepted an offer from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston for a PhD tract position in their Medical Humanities program. The mission of this field aligns beautifully with that of my life's work and my organization, Narrative Dimensions: humanizing the medical paradigm. There's no telling how far the support and environment of UT will excel this work, but I imagine a ton of blue sky ahead.                                                                                                         

Surely, this is no small deal for my personal situation as I uproot to a strange and sweltering place. It will not be easy to part ways with Pittsburgh, has really grown on me over the past couple years. But I've found that a strong enough "why?" can persist through most challenges.  This opportunity to really dig in and focus my best on this essential work along with the potential avenues this could open up for my career and my company is a privilege to be thankful for.                                                                                    

I am indebted to my many great teachers along the way and the pioneers of this field. (i.e Havi Carel, S.K. Toombs, Richard Zaner, etc.) I can only hope that I can turn the impressions of my predecessors into further progress in this collective project.                          

 In the meantime, I will be working hard to make this as graceful a transition as possible and squeeze out as much PA summer over the next 30 days.


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